Gaming chair: find out the benefits of having one!

And learn how to choose the ideal one for you.


3 things you didn't know (yet!) about Plaxmetal's sustainable initiatives

You'll be able to check out 3 things you didn't already know about our sustainable development actions! Keep reading.


Vertical Industry: Excellence from Raw Material to Delivery

Understand the concept of vertical industry and its main benefits.


Occupational Health and Safety Day: 4 tips for using ergonomics to your advantage in everyday life


How to keep your Plaxmetal chairs clean and maintained

Discover some ways to keep your Plaxmetal chairs clean without damaging them.


7 ergonomics tips for those who work sitting all day

If you work all day sitting and have been dealing with a lot of back pain, this text is for you! The Plaxmetal team has prepared seven valuable tips to help you integrate more ergonomics into your daily work life, read on!


How to decorate your corporate spaces with more creativity

The decoration of a corporate environment plays a crucial role in the well-being and productivity of employees.


Live your journey: Plaxmetal’s new brand positioning

Plaxmetal has embarked on a new chapter of its journey, revitalizing its brand identity strategy.


Stringer Configuration: learn all about this chair model

Discover how this practical and innovative solution can offer comfort, design and efficiency to your environments!


Meeting room: how to choose the ideal chair

Tips for choosing the best chair for your office meeting room


Office chair backrest: which one to choose?

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How to use stools in the corporate environment?

News Events

Salone del Mobile in Milan: what to expect from this great event?

“Building The (Im)possible” is the theme of the 2023 edition

Spaces People

Have you taken the time to stretch today? See our tips!


Office chair mechanism: what is it and what is it for?

Do you know what the office chair mechanism is and what it is for?


Hybrid work: how to improve well-being and optimize productivity in this format?

Understand how to welcome the team back to the office after the home office


Tips for preserving your chair through proper cleaning


How to choose the ideal office chair?

Using an efficient chair on a daily basis at work is extremely important, after all, it is where we spend most of our day.


Corporate Neuroarchitecture: what it is and how to apply it in environments

In this article, you will understand what Corporate Neuroarchitecture is and how to apply it in environments. Read on!


Plaxmetal at the ForMóbile fair, in São Paulo

On the occasion, we presented our main products and launches of the year.


Plaxmetal participates in the Formóbile fair, in São Paulo

Fair takes place from July 5th to 8th, in São Paulo/SP.


Do you know the concept of Smart Office?

Have you ever thought about making your office more practical and productive?


Plaxmetal innovates in technology, design and ergonomics with its new Altrix Line

New Altrix Line, transmitting versatility and modern design wherever it is. Perfect for collaborative and corporate environments. Know more!


Plaxmetal expands its product portfolio by launching the Quick Line

Discover the Quick line, modern, versatile, with a clean design and perfect for collaborative and corporate environments. Know more!


Ergonomics: take care of your health at work in 5 simple steps

It is important to invest in improving ergonomics at work, which will be an easy task just by following these simple steps.

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brizza president

The perfect harmony between versatility and lightness with an impressive touch of elegance is what enchants us when looking at Brizza Presidente. The entire design of the chair was carefully thought out, starting with the casters. In this area, the options were developed precisely to adapt to different types of flooring, from the most irregular to the smoothest.

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More than 35 years of history in the development of a wide range of products.

Founded in 1986, Plaxmetal operates in the corporate and school furniture market with a wide range of corporate chairs and school furniture, with an affordable price and high durability.

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